Xavi takes reign at Barcelona

Laporta: “Welcome Xavi. Welcome back home. It’s a very emotional day today. Visca Barça y Visca Catalunya.””Today will mark the history of Barça.”

 Xavi: “Thank you all, I’m about to cry. Thank you to this club and these fans.”

“I will tell you one thing: we are the best team in the world.”

“This is an emotional moment for me, Visça Barca, Visça Catalunya!”

“Barcelona cannot lose, we want to win everything.”

Xavi: “Tomorrow we’ll start. I’m back at home. We’re in a difficult situation, but we have the ambition. I’m thankful for the confidence of the club.”

“To the players I want to convey positivity, demand. We must seek for excellence.

Xavi: “we don’t have to be tough ( to players ). We just need rules. When there are no rules, things go wrong. When there are and are respected, we can go far. It’s not about discipline, it’s about order”

Xavi: “to be compared to Pep is a success! He is the best manager in the work. But I would lose by a big margin a comparison with him”

“We are worried about injuries. We need to find out what’s wrong. Everyone has to be involved, from doctors to physical coaches

Xavi: “Things have gone well for us when there have been rules in the dressing room. Without rules, we have done badly.”

“From the outside I notice that there are players who feel a lot of pressure, the psychological issue is very hard, but we will work with them. I want to help them, personally and professionally, talk to them to see what the problem is.”

Xavi: “We are thinking about Espanyol right now, we will prepare to win it. Barça means winning. We will work very hard, with great demand for the results to come. We are united and it is a medium-long-term project.”

“There are so many coaches that I have had throughout my career: Cruyff, Van Gaal, Guardiola, Rijkaard, Luis Enrique, and I’ve learned things from all of them.”

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