Photos:The most deadly war in the world is now happening in Ethiopia

Last week, in one day alone over 2000 individuals were killed in Dessie,a town 400kms north of the Capital Addis Ababa.
The war is between the Ethiopian peoples and the US sponsored terrorist groups(TPLF and OLF).Ethiopians from all corners are marching to the war front.
Tens of thousands of peoples have been killed and millions are displaced and living in the jungle .

US and Western medias are supporting the terrorist groups by providing the necessary war equipments and through propaganda!
The WFP in the name of aid had donated over 1000 vehicles in different rounds, that are being used by TPLF to transport its soldiers .WFP has also donated many satellite communication radio.US is giving supporting through CIA and in GPS during war.

US and the terrorist groups are fighting with the 120 million Ethiopians.Ethiopians 🇪🇹 will never give in!Westerns need the imperialist rule in Africa .
Say no to neocolonialism !

For Africans ,Now is the time to be free forever or to be western colonials forever !
Look! Democratic republic of Congo is the richest country in the world in its natural resources .But it is the one of the poorest countries in the world for westerns exploitation of its resources !Africans wake up!Now is the time!

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