Messi has numerous support on winning 7th Ballon d’Or

🎙️ | 🇳🇱 RONALD KOEMAN: “Leo Messi is the top candidate to win the Ballon d’Or after the great season he had.”

🎙️ | 🇦🇷 MAURICIO POCHETTINO: “The Ballon D’or should go to Messi without any doubt, even if I didn’t coach him I would say the same.”

🎙️ | 🇦🇷 LIONEL SCALONI: “Messi is the best of all. He makes his teammates better. He always wants to win. That makes him huge and the best for so many years. This year, too.”

🎙️ | 🇦🇷 JAVIER ZANETTI: “Leo Messi should win the Ballon d’Or this year because he’s at a level above from any other player in the world, always decisive.”

🎙️ | 🇧🇷 RONALDINHO: “Messi is the best player in the world and he deserves to win another Ballon d’Or for everything he has given to football.”

🎙️ | 🇺🇾 LUIS SUÁREZ: “Leo [Messi] deserves to win the Ballon d’Or this year because he has had a spectacular year on a personal level. I think he has no rival.”

🎙️ | 🇪🇦 XAVI HERNÁNDEZ : “Ballon D’or? Messi is the great favourite. He’s the best player and has been champion of the Copa América.”

🎙️ | 🇨🇲 SAMUEL ETO’O: “For me, the Ballon D’Or always has only one winner. The number #1 is clear and he is Lionel Messi.”

🎙️ | 🇪🇦 CARLES PUYOL: “There is no discussion that Messi is the best this year and he should win the Ballon D’Or because of what he did at Barça and also with the national team becoming the Copa América champion.”

🎙️ | 🇮🇹 MATERAZZI : “Ballon D’Or winner in 2021? Lionel Messi, for sure. He deserves it as long as he plays Football.”

🎙️ | 🇦🇷 JUAN PABLO SORIN: “For me, Messi should win the Ballon d’Or for he did this year. I think he deserves to win it.”

🎙️ | 🇪🇦 JOSEP MARIA BARTOMEU: “This year Messi should also win Ballon D’Or for everything he has done with Barça and his national team.”
🎙️ | 🇮🇹 JORGINHO: “If I win Ballon D’Or over Leo Messi, It will be a scandal. He must always win it.”

🎙️ | 🇪🇦 GERARD PIQUÉ: “If it is an evaluation of the whole year, which is titles, more performance, more numbers, more everything, Leo has to win. And if they are looking for the best in the world, it is also Leo.”

🎙️ | 🇳🇱 MEMPHIS DEPAY: “I’ve visited the Barca museum and seen all the Six Ballon d’Or of Leo Messi. I think he’ll win another one soon.”
🎙️ | 🇪🇦 PEDRI: “Messi deserves the Ballon d’Or this year. I have always said that he is the best in the world.”

🎙️ | 🇮🇹 ANTONIO CASSANO: “Lionel Messi has to win the Ballon d’Or until he retires and this year as well.”

🎙️ | 🇮🇹 FABIO CANNAVARO : “I would give the Ballon D’Or to Messi. He [Messi] is the absolute NO #1 and he was the true protagonist of a great Copa América campaign for Argentina. He deserves to win the Ballon d’Or this year.”

🎙️ | 🇮🇹 PAOLO MALDINI: “Leo Messi has the best chance to win the Ballon d’Or this year.”

🎙 | 🇮🇹 FABRIZIO ROMANO : “Ballon D’or winner this year? My feeling is Leo Messi. I’m not voting for the Ballon d’Or, but my feeling is Leo.”

🎙️ | 🇮🇹 ROMEO AGRESTI (Italian Journalist): “I’m sure that Lionel Messi will win the Ballon d’Or.”

Messi is also favourite to win the Ballon D’Or according to :
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