Popular singer Wizkid reveals Naomi Campbell ‘forced’ him to walk the runway for Dolce & Gabbana in 2018

Nigerian superstar singer Whizkid has revealed that it was British supermodel Naomi Campbell that made him walk the runway for Dolce & Gabanna.

In 2018, Wizkid walked the runway for fashion label, Dolce & Gabanna in Milan Fashion Week.

In an interview with Complex the ‘Essence’ singer revealed he didn’t he wasn’t keen on it but did it because of Campbell.

She Naomi forced me to do that. I’ve always been getting calls to come to fashion week but it’s not even my thing. I like to stay fly but I’m not really into all of that.”

But she made it happen and said you have to do it and I did it. And it came out amazing, so a big shoutout to her.”

Speaking about his style he says; “First thing first, comfortability, I just want to be comfortable. Whatever feels good on me, whatever I can move freely in.”

It is no surprise that his style is comfort-first. He certainly looks laid back in most pictures.

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