Drake And Chris Brown Sued Over Copyright Infringement For Hit Song, “No Guidance”

A singer and producer are suing Brown and Drake after claiming the duo took their song and transformed it into their track “No Guidance”.

As per TMZ, Brandon Cooper and Timothy Valentine, who go by the stage names Mr. Cooper and Drum’n Skillz, respectively, are suing Brown and Drake, who they claim took their track I Love Your Dress and made it into No Guidance.

I Love Your Dress dropped 3 years before No Guidance, and Cooper and Valentine claim that Drake and Brown’s song is derived from their track, if not copied altogether.

Something similar happened to the weekend and his team a few weeks prior as well. According to law 360 and Steriogum Suniel Fox and Henry Strange are suing The Weeknd, along with collaborators Nicolas Jaar and Frank Dukes, who they claim plagiarized their 2015 song “Vibeking” for his song “Call Out My Name.”

The two say that The Weeknd’s DJ and engineer PNDA told them that he wasn’t going to give them credit on the track after they had been in correspondence.

Just gonna tell [The Weeknd] that our production team wrote the track,” the two claim PNDA wrote to them. “Cool? Or u have another idea? Just don’t wanna say ‘hey, [Strange] wrote this’ when he doesn’t know u.”

Strange replied, “[The Weeknd] knows me. Say both. [Strange] with Ponytail you met on Drake tour. Who is part of our production team.”

The two artists are also seeking all profits that “Call Out My Name” has amassed, along with legal fees, and want the Weeknd blocked from performing the song until the case is settled.

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