Fitness influencer shares side-by-side photos of herself to show how people can easily be deceived online

A fitness influencer is inspiring her followers by sharing “realistic” photos of herself to show how easy it is to be “deceived” online.

Victoria Garrick, an influencer, mental health advocate and former volleyball player, took to social media to strike different poses.

In the photos, she showed how much people can manipulate their body by posing cleverly.

Victoria captioned the inspirational post: “I post side by sides like this to show how images can deceive us…”

She continued: “Scrolling through carefully curated pictures online can trick us into thinking that there is only ONE way for our bodies to look.

“If I had only posted the pictures on the left, you might walk away thinking THAT is what my body looks like all the time.

But the truth is, ALL bodies look TONS of different ways depending on lighting, clothing, the angle, the pose, and the day! (These pictures were taken just moments apart yet my body looks drastically different in each pic.)

“Neither photo of me is better or worse, all are just simply MY BODY!”

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