Story of Couple”diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer together in same hospital”got treated and both eventually fall in love

“Bryan and I were diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2017 two months apart from each other – myself in March and Bryan in May. Lymphoma is a cancer in the lymphatic system. Bryan and I were being treated in the same hospital, but we didn’t know each other. We were just finishing chemo when a friend that I had made there added me to a whatsapp group of young patients. I was skeptical about joining at first, but agreed.

In a matter of days, Bryan and I realized we were really the only two chatting in the group- sometimes until 4am in the morning. He insisted on meeting me but I was hesitant (since I didn’t feel pretty or in the best shape after chemo). Then I realized that life is too short, and agreed to meet.

Upon seeing each other, we fell in love at first sight and haven’t separated since. We helped each other get through some of the hardest moments of our lives together and couldn’t be more grateful to have each other to lean on. A couple of weeks after we met, he asked me to be his girlfriend. In March 2018, Bryans tests came back perfect and he was officially cancer free. We thought I would be cancer free too, but the doctor wanted to repeat my testing after another 3 months. Unfortunately, I did have a relapse.

However, this time around dealing with cancer was much different because I had Bryan by my side. I had to go through three different chemo treatments. I also had to have an autologous stem-cell transplant, which was especially difficult because it meant no hugs or kisses for over a month to avoid infection. As a result, Bryan and I would wear gloves so we could hold hands in the hospital bed while falling asleep.

Finally, the transplant was successful and we could start enjoying our lives together. During our stay at the hospital, Bryan and I would visualize ourselves traveling and being at the beach together. This year we did just that and life has never been sweeter. Bryan and I have such a deep appreciation for every day we are healthy and for the unconditional love we share. We’ve been together for almost three years now and remain cancer free.”

Source: The Way We Met

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