The international community should support Afghanistan”it looks the Taliban govt need help

The Taliban has complete control over Afghanistan right now. The US and its allies fought against the movement for the last 20 years and tried hard to root it out. They spent more than two trillion dollars and more than 3,000 foreign soldiers lost their lives.In spite of all this war effort, the Taliban are ruling Afghanistan once again.

The Taliban was victorious not because of its military might, economic strength and technical expertise but because of the religious and social weight that it has in Afghan society. Former President Ashraf Ghani and his allies did not enjoy such popular support, which is why their government collapsed within days of the Taliban offensive pushing closer to Kabul, despite the fact that the US government and the international community backed them.

On February 29, 2020, after the signing ceremony of the peace agreement between the Taliban and the US government, then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo remarked: “A comprehensive, inclusive, durable peace can only be secured by the Afghan people themselves.”

The US government and the international community have no option but to engage with the Taliban as it leads the effort to build peace and stability in Afghanistan. The fighting is over in Afghanistan and it is time for the Afghans to rebuild their devastated country. But they need help.

If the international community really wants Afghans to live a prosperous life and to have a developed country, then they should continue providing financial aid and assistance to the Taliban government as they did to Ghani’s.

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