Police interrupts Brazil vs Argentina to deport 4 players for lying to enter the country

The much-anticipated clash between Brazil and Argentina was brought to an abrupt halt around the 7th-minute mark on Sunday after members of the Brazilian health authorities stepped onto the pitch.

Brazil vs Argentina has been stopped because the Brazilian Federal Police have walked onto the pitch to detain 4 Argentinian players who lied to enter the country. 😯

There’s a lot of bickering pitchside – not quite sure who is involved but whatever it is it has caused a stop in play.

Now Argentina and Brazil players run over to get involved in the bickering, apparently started by some members of the media who are allowed to be pitchside.

The Brazil players remain out on the pitch talking to the officials as this frankly bizarre issue gets sorted out.

8t is amazing this game was allowed to start if there was a chance this could happen.

It seems like it could be Brazilian health officials who were not happy with the four Argentina players who had been in the UK prior to arrival being allowed to be involved tonight, instead of isolating.

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