Afghan girls and boys to study in separate classes at universities-Taliban

Abdul Baqi Haqqani, acting head of the Taliban’s ministry of higher education, reportedly said that Afghan girls and boys will study in separate classes at universities in Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

“Under the new system, girls will have the right to study. But they cannot study with boys in the same room,” he said

Abdul Baqi Haqqani added, “Girls and boys will no longer be able to study together at universities and will, instead, study in separate classes in accordance with Islamic law.

Haqqani made this statement at a meeting with the staff of the public and private universities of the country.

The union of private universities, in turn, emphasised the problems they have been facing and asked that they be addressed during the meeting with the acting head of the Taliban’s ministry of higher education.


Last week, Khaama News had reported that Taliban officials in Afghanistan’s Herat province ordered public and private universities to not allow girls and boys to study in the same classrooms. The Taliban officials reportedly said that there is “no justification or alternative for continuing co-education.” This was the Taliban’s first ‘fatwa’ since taking control of Afghanistan.

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