Sylvester Stallone’s $85 Million Beverly Park Mansion

Popular movie icon Sylvester Stallone quietly began seeking off-market offers for his longtime Beverly Park mansion back in December 2020.He was reportedly looking at an offer in the range of $130 million.Apparently he did not have any takers at that level.In late January the house officially hit the market at a price of $110 million. Again no takers.null

The house has now been re-listed with a price of…

$85 million

Sylvester Stallone’s mansion is located high up in the hills above Beverly Hills in what is arguably the most-exclusive gated community in Southern California.

Sylvester bought his 3.5-acre slice of Beverly Park in the 1990s for an undisclosed amount. It was a vacant lot at the time. He proceeded to build a 21,000 square-foot Mediterranean mansion that has 8 bedrooms and 12 bathroom spread over 18,600 square feet of living space. The property sits on 3.5 acres, though, as you can see when you watch the video below, a lot of the acreage is steep, unusable hillside.

If you’re willing to pay $85 million PLUS the community’s $3,000 monthly HOA (not to mention insurance, property taxes, maintenance, landscaping and the mortgage), here’s what you’ll get:

Unclear if the buyer will inherit any of the hundreds of pieces Rocky and Rambo memorabilia that currently decorate the various rooms. You’d hope that Sly would at least throw in a signed pair of Rocky gloves!

Even if you’re somehow NOT in the market or an $85 million mansion, the video tour is worth your time. As you watch, DO NOT MISS Sly’s master bathroom at the 3 minute mark. It’s like a Sharper Image store merged with a 500 year old church:

Sylvester and his wife Jenifer flavin have been on a bit of a real estate buying and selling kick lately.

In May 2020 they accepted a $1 million loss on a home in La Quinta, California which they bought in 2010 for $4.5 million.

In December 2020 they paid $35.4 million for a 1.5-acre property with 13,000 square-foot mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.

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