Okunbo family refutes claims of plot to sell late Hosa Okunbo’s Abuja hotel

The family of the late Edo billionaire and philanthropist, Captain Hosa Okunbo Wells, has refuted claims that it had put up the deceased’s Wells Carlton Hotel in Abuja for sale.

This was according to a statement released on Wednesday and signed by Mr. Kingsley Okunbo on behalf of the family.

The statement, strongly-worded and containing threat of a lawsuit to the erring media publications, explained that while the late billionaire had mooted plans to sell some of his assets in his final days, the family is not privy to any conclusion on the hotel in question nor his final wish in his Will.

The reports insinuating that the family had set in motion plans to auction the property were denounced as “an unfortunate figment of the evil imagination of depraved persons.”

“It is instructive to mention that we are yet to begin to imagine what the motive for this wicked misinformation which could only have emanated from the mischievous author/authors and meddlesome interlopers from the very pits of hell. But, we leave the resolution of same in the Hands of GOD ALMIGHTY,” the statement read.

“Truth be told we know that while he was with us physically he muted [sic] the idea of selling some of his assets which he had inalienable right to do, to clear his table before his glorious transition, we are not privy to any conclusion on the said hotel nor his final wish in his Will . Suffice it to say therefore, that this wicked piece is nothing but an unfortunate figment of the evil imagination of depraved persons. The Okunbo family stands united in ensuring the consolidation of the laudable legacy our departed dearly beloved son left behind. We will leave no stone unturned to celebrate this generational gift to humanity and this he eminently deserves.”

“Similarly, we also wish to note the video by agents of satan which we ignored, of his palatial and state of the art piece of residential architecture in Banana island, Lagos which development has been ongoing for a few years now. This again is another wicked misinformation from demons who will be judged appropriately by our Almighty Father in heaven. “Lest Satan should get an advantage over us; for we are not ignorant of his devices” 2Cor 2:11, and certainly not of his agents.”

The family concluded with an expression of its united resolve to honor the universal accomplishments of the late Captain Hosa Okunbo Wells and its eschewal of all distractions before, during, and after the burial obsequies.

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