BBNaija: Maria and Boma try to broker peace between Whitemoney and Pere

Following the rancour between Whitemoney and Pere which led to a fight between the two parties on the 16th of August, the current Head of House, Maria and Boma have tried to sit the pair together to talk out their differences.

The dispute between pere and whitemoney has always been visible to the other housemates, but they have always tried to ignore this in hopes that the duo will eventually find a middle ground.Unfortunately, the dispute reached its peak and they both confronted each other which led to some nasty scenes where housemates had to restrain the parties to keep things from getting physical.

As a result of this Maria and Boma called both parties for a sitdown as they tried to trace the root of the issue.

Pere, claims his resentment for Whitemoney comes from him believing Whitemoney had prior information on the “wildcard” situation and also, tried to use a strategy on the housemates by making the housemates depend on him in the kitchen.

Whitemoney on the other hand claims to have nothing but admiration for Pere, stating his displeasure over Pere’s attitude towards him.

He went on to comment that cooking is his passion which is why he always loves to cook for the house and cannot continue to be disrespected by Pere.

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